Don’t fall in love if you are thinking it’s all about beeing physical or having someone to take to bed, don’t fall in love if you think you will have relationship status to talk about and get to date someone. Don’t fall in love because you see people around you dating and kissing.
Don’t be like so many thousands of people who call themselves lovers but they actually they don’t even know what love is all about. No matter how, you have to wait for the right person to come in your life unless it comes bursting out of your soul don’t fall in love to the wrong person, because of a little arguement or controversy between you and your soul mate and you wish to denier your soul mate as your soul less. Please if you are a kind of person that did such things its right time to take correction is not late.√√√ OMOADUA IS TRYING TO BUILD A SOLID FOUNDATION BETWEEN TWO LOVER.√√√ Read more @ ♠www.adualoaded.wordpress.com
or veiw my efforts here!♣www.adualoaded.tk



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