Don’t beat yourself up for the mistakes and bad choises you make. They are part growing.

What’s most important is that you learn from your nagative choises so you don’t make the same bad choises again.

No, you cannot change the past, but you sure do have the power to create a diffrent present. So concentrate on moving forward rather than staying in the past with the fantasy of what you wish you now whould have, could have, or should have done different.

You do not have to stay in a miserable relationship, or remain addicted, or live angry, constantly stressed, and out of touch with the present moment.

You can absolutely overcome any life challenge you face when you care enough about yourself to take the actions neccessary to acomplish your goals.

(1) Decide what you want to acomplish.

(2) Outline and consistently work your plan of action.

(3) Belive in yourself.

(4) Never give up.



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