A friend should be able to talk about their thoughts and feelings without fearing that they are going to be judged or receive negative criticism.

True friendships require work and effort, especially when building the relationship.

It takes time to build friendships, get to know one another and make happy memories.

Trust is crucial in any genuine friendship. Friends need to share their deepest secrets together in confidence.

Most people only have a few, genuine friends throughout their lives. However, there are a few of the same characteristics that true friendships have in common, that others do not.

True friends listen to one another without judging. Friends can express their feelings and discuss their expriences – both good and bad. If a friend is discussing a problem or sharing an experince, a true friend will listen without interrupting.

True friendships are worth their weight in gold and will never die, even if a person moves to the other and even when a person dies, the memories will never die.



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