→→→No man is an island and it is not possible for one man to know it all.
Your mentor will help you understand the dos and don.ts of tin business and may also provide you with better clues on how to grow your idea. Sometimes new entrepreneurs get assistance from their mentors either in kind or by the providing them with useful investors.

»»»9. Encourage yourself. Young entrepreneurs tend to lose steam if they are unable to make good returns as anticipated within a given period of time. Knowing how well other people have done in business and how they were able to scale through the hurdles in record time may demoralise a small business owner. Experts say the ability to stick to one’s guns will in a long way in bringing the business to limelight. They advice the prospective entrepreneur to always tell himself that he is not competing with anyone but himself. “Do your best and leave the rest,” says Williams. “Do not be discouraged, because challenges will definitely come.”

»»»10. Update yourself Use the internet occasionally to update yourself on latest developments in your chosen field.
This may not be too important for some small business, but it might give you better ideas on how to run similar business.

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