How to know a Man Is Serious about
We have found some ways that might
help you spot a man who is in for the
real deal and not just fun/fling.

1. He is interested in your life-If you tell
him about how nervous you are
concerning the next promotion at work
or the next big move in your career and
he calls you to check how it is going,
asking every step of the way how you
are feeling, then he is there for real.
Men who want something real don’t
hesitate to know everything going on in
your life.

2. He is never too busy to call-face it,
nobody is too busy to call someone
special. An “I called to say I miss you” call
won’t last more than a minute, so when
you truly care, you won’t be too busy to
call. A man who is never to busy to call
you and who calls back when he misses
your call or text is one who is serious
enough. You know why? Because men
know how seriously women take the
calls they put through to their man. They
know women get angry when a man
refuses to acknowledge their calls. So
when he calls back to say “I’m so sorry I
couldn’t reply your message or call at the
time…” Or makes it up to you? Then he
just might be for real.

3. He is willing to help- whenever you
need to get something done and you
discuss it with him, if his immediate/
automatic response is “so what are you
going to do?” Without him offering to
help in any way, then he just is not in it
for the long term. A man who is into you
and wants to start something serious
would try to find out how he can help
when you are in a fix. Not ask you
without being concerned what you
want to do. Men like to be men by
helping their women and easing their
stress. If he cares and is for real, he
would offer to help. As simple as that.

4. He is interested in your career-a man
who truly wants to be with you will be
concerned about your career and your
future plans. If he is serious baout your
future then it means he is serious about

5. He is proud of you-He takes you out
and flaunts you whenever he has the
chance. He does not leave you standing
by yourself while talking to his friends in
a party or an event, rather he stands by
you and lets everyone know who you
are to him.



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